Golf Ontario Partnership

The team at Golf Ontario are always looking for new ways to promote the game, and they're supportive of our vision for golf in Canada. Solo Golf carts are energizing golf, attracting new players to the game, and speeding up pace of play.
We are proud to be their Preferred Single Rider Cart of Ontario.

Their support provides us with several great offerings for Canadian courses, which we've outlined below.

Solo Golf Demo- Mar 20.png

Education and Exposure

Single rider carts are a new concept. Courses had previously toyed with golf "surf boards", but a solution has yet to be found that is safe with broad appeal. We're confident that we've found the perfect balance of safety, uniqueness and multi-generational comfort.
The support of Golf Ontario's network is crucial to help spread the word and educate courses on the benefits our carts provide.


Partial Insurance Coverage

Golf Canada has an Incident Protection plan that affords members coverage for equipment damage, golf cart accidents and broken windows. The Golf Ontario team has solidified our inclusion in this plan.

This means that damage to our carts, while driven by a Golf Canada member individual, is covered up to a maximum of $2,500.