Different Ways to Buy

Solo Golf carts are regularly purchased by golf courses and consumers alike, each having their own purpose. Read more below!

Golf Course- Direct Purchase for Fleet

For golf courses with enough cash, you can get the best possible pricing with a direct purchase. Turn around and start pocketing your full rental revenue on Day 1.

Consumer- Purchase for Personal Use

In provinces like Alberta and Saskatchewan where trail fees are more common, individual golfers will buy our carts and bring them to every round they play. The carts are easily portable in the back of a truck or on a trailer.

Golf Course- Financed Purchase for Fleet

Buy your carts with little up front cash, and use the rental revenue to cover the payments. Golf courses will typically pay off their carts in one summer or less.

Consumer- Purchase as a Group

Some private clubs will allow members to buy their own carts. In those instances, members will band together as a purchasing group and each buy their own cart. Benefit from bulk pricing together but keep the benefit of cart ownership!

Golf Course- Purchase for Resale

For some golf courses, particularly private ones, our golf carts can create a good revenue stream for the proshop. Become a "Partner Course" and make money selling single rider carts!

Consumer- Purchase for Home

In some cases, our carts are used for personal use at home. Whether you have a large ranch in Calgary or a summer cottage in Muskoka, our carts are true off-road vehicles for use on any property.