The Solo Benefit

Single rider golf carts are getting golfers excited and making it possible to ride alone.

As an added bonus, they reduce wear and tear on the course and speed up play.


Golf Ontario Partnership

Golf Ontario is a strong supporter of our concept, since the value we bring to golf is aligned with their vision for the sport. This includes the excitement that Solo Golf carts generate for new golfers and the long-term physical distancing that they create.


British Columbia Golf Partnership

BC Golf is a big advocate for Solo Golf in Western Canada. They have a goal to increase accessibility, and they view our carts as a great asset to the sport. Our carts are easier to get into, and reduce turf damage when people with disabilities need to drive close to the green.

Golf Manitoba Partnership

Golf Manitoba consists of a wide variety of member courses. They believe in our ability to help busy Winnipeg courses speed up play, and draw a new audience to golf for rural courses. No matter what type of golfer or course, single rider carts are a great asset in MB!


Golf Saskatchewan Partnership

Golf Saskatchewan has previously purchased single rider carts to promote accessibility. They've partnered with us to encourage golf courses in the province to follow suit, and join a movement that's changing golf for the better. Single riders will bring out more golfers in SK!




With the support of Golf Ontario and BC Golf, we're poised to make single riders mainstream.

The teams at Golf Ontario and BC Golf are always looking for new ways to promote the game. They've seen the excitement we are generating and our ability to help courses speed up play, so they've brought us onto their team as the Single Rider Cart of Ontario and BC respectively.

We're bringing a new golf cart to the game.

Solo Golf carts are electric, single rider vehicles that are allowing courses to offer diversity to their guests. The concept has gained momentum in the United States, but has yet to be implemented broadly in Canada. We're here to change that.

Single Rider Solutions for Everyone

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Financing Options Available

We know that cash flow is important for a golf course. We're here to make sure this fits in your plan.
Depending on the size of purchase, structured payment terms and financing options are available.



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